Rhinoplasty FAQs

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Rhinoplasty surgery (commonly known as a nose job) is surgery that changes the external shape of the nose.

Rhinoplasty surgery can address breathing difficulties or alter the appearance of the nose or both.

During rhinoplasty:

  • The nose can be straightened, made smaller or bigger, and bumps may be removed.
  • The shape of the tip of the nose can be changed.
  • The angle between the nose and upper lip can be changed.
  • Pieces of cartilage or bone may be removed from or added to the nose to help change its shape.

When planning rhinoplasty, Dr Chris Oosthuizen looks at the whole picture and will consider your other facial features, the skin on your nose and what you would like to change.

Frequently the internal wall (nasal septum) that separates the nose cavities is twisted. This may need to be corrected at the same time. The combined operation is called a septorhinoplasty.

There are limits to how much a nose can be altered. The final result will depend on the size of your nose, the condition of your skin and your age.

Dr Chris Oosthuizen will put your health first with surgery focused on achieving the perfect balance of both form and function.

Category: Rhinoplasty Faqs

Dr Chris Oosthuizen’s rhinoplasty surgery improves breathing, aesthetics and/or corrects structural issues which have been inherited or caused by injury.

Some patients require revision rhinoplasty surgery, which corrects a previous procedure which was not successful or where there were changes to the nose over time.

Dr Chris Oosthuizen will put your health first with surgery focused on achieving the perfect balance of both form and function.

Category: Rhinoplasty Faqs

The cost of rhinoplasty surgery is different for each individual, reflecting the complexity of the surgery required.

Costs will include specific fees for Dr Chris Oosthuizen, the anaesthetist and the hospital.

If surgery is elected for aesthetic reasons only, health insurance will not cover these costs. Medically necessary surgery though may be covered in part.

Form & Function Rhinoplasty and Sinus Surgery sets our rates competitively to other specialist surgeons.

With us you’ll know exactly what you’ll pay, with no hidden costs or changes to consultation or surgery fees.

Please contact our office if you have an enquiry regarding fees.

Category: Rhinoplasty Faqs

Rhinoplasty is a complex and delicate operation that requires significant training and expertise.

The nose is a complicated shape that is in the middle of the face and the human eye is especially good at detecting asymmetry. Often the defect in the nose is subtle, but even a subtle bump or twist can have a profound impact on the look of a nose. Changes made during rhinoplasty can be small but exert an exponential impact on the way the nose looks and functions.

Rhinoplasty is as much an art form as a scientific endeavour, creating something beautiful that fulfils its primary function of breathing at the highest level. Just as every patient and their needs are unique, it follows that every rhinoplasty surgery is tailored to the specific need of each individual patient.

Category: Rhinoplasty Faqs

Not for most people. One day after surgery, most people rate their pain between 0 and 4 out of 10.

Category: Rhinoplasty Faqs

A 2-week recovery period is recommended after returning home from rhinoplasty surgery. Swelling will likely reduce to be unnoticeable after around 2 to 3 months. There will however be ongoing changes in the appearance of the nose for a year to 18 months following surgery.

During those recovery months, there are things patients might be best to avoid, such as playing contact sports or sunbathing, as the skin and nose structure are more sensitive.

Patients can expect, however, a pleasing outcome with a nose that functions and looks better for the rest of their life.