What is septoplasty surgery and how to does it help?

Category: Septoplasty Faqs

The nasal septum is a thin piece of cartilage and bone between the nostrils that separates the two nasal passages. It provides support to the nose and directs airflow. If the septum is pushed to one side or deviated, it can lead to obstruction of the nasal passages.

Septoplasty surgery straightens a bent or ‘deviated’ septum. Straightening a deviated septum can resolve issues like nasal obstruction and congestion. When severe these symptoms can interfere with sleep quality and exercise tolerance. Septoplasty surgery is aimed at improving patients’ quality of life.

In some cases, a deviated septum may twist the outside shape of the nose. In these cases, septal surgery may be combined with nose re-shaping surgery (septorhinoplasty) to straighten the nose.

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