What to expect from the first visit.

Category: Questions about Form & Function clinic

At the first appointment Dr Chris Oosthuizen will ask patients to share their concerns.

Dr Oosthuizen will then take a medical history related to those concerns and conduct an examination of the nose. This typically includes a telescope/camera test of the inside of the nose as well to assess function.

Part of the assessment also involves a number of questionnaires to explore the impact your nasal symptoms have on your day-to-day activities.

Dr Chris Oosthuizen will then advise whether and what surgery might offer the best results and explain the benefits and considerations of this surgery.

After your first appointment you will be better informed about the next best steps to address your concerns and the outcomes you can realistically expect from surgery.

You will likely be provided with additional information about treatment options and should you wish to explore this further, a longer, second appointment will be scheduled.